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General Counsel Jobs


You can Find Excellent General Counsel Jobs on the Internet

Do you have a law degree and years of experience in the legal field? Are you looking for a new job as a general counsel? While, of course, you will be using your many contacts to find a job that fits your experience and qualifications, you should also spend time looking for general counsel jobs on the Internet. After all, with so many job boards now in existence deliberately targeting the legal profession, you could very easily find your dream job.

Where to find general counsel jobs on the Internet -- There are several large job boards that only list jobs available to those in the legal profession. They cover every type of job from paralegal to legal secretary, in-house counsel to general counsel and many others in between.

A few years ago, these types of job boards only listed low level jobs or jobs that were impossible to fill. Nowadays, however, these boards now often have jobs listed that are not listed anywhere else, and jobs that are very high level and for extremely large law firms and corporations.

How to use job boards to find a job -- Choose a couple of the larger boards that have hundreds or thousands of listings and spend some time going through each one. Some of the sites will allow you to email the listings to yourself, so you can easily make notes of any jobs you are interested in.

Once you have found several jobs, be sure to also upload your resume to the website that allow this. It is an excellent way of getting your name and qualifications in front of people who are looking for candidates to fill general counsel jobs, and could even garner you the exact type of job you are looking for.